What An On-Demand App Service Could Mean For Your Business

19 Oct
What An On-Demand App Service Could Mean For Your Business

On-demand service apps have changed the way we live by providing 21st century solutions to everyday activities and tasks.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can call for a ride, order your lunch or watch your favorite TV series – all from pretty much any location with WiFi or cellular service. In 2018, shouldn’t the same be possible for making machine repair and service requests?

The Growth of the On-demand Economy

According to the National Technology Readiness Survey (NTRS) from Rockbridge Associates, Inc., participation in the on-demand economy increased by 66% from 2016 to 2017.  Additionally, the chart below shows, the perceived advantages of key features of the industry far outweigh the disadvantages, with the gap between them increasing across the board.

Source: National Technology Readiness Survey, Rockbridge Associates, Inc. & Robert H. Smith School of Business

The Cost of Downtime

According to the International Society of Automation, downtime consultants estimate that almost every factory loses at least 5% of its productivity due to downtime, and many lose as much as 20%.

When your machine goes down, the clock starts ticking and the lost dollars start stacking up. The cost of service isn’t just the price you pay, but also the money you lose during downtime. The longer it takes for your service provider to fix your machine, the more revenue your company could lose.

In a 2017 Vanson Bourne Research study on unplanned downtime, 82% of the 450 field service and IT decision makers surveyed from around the world and across multiple industries said their companies experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident over the last 3 years, lasting an average of 4 hours and costing an average of $2 million.

The UP! App – a 21st Century Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

How long does it take your provider to respond to your initial request for service? How quickly is your provider able to travel to your plant to complete the service? Is your provider efficient when servicing equipment, finishing the job in a reasonable amount of time?

These are all important questions that directly affect your company’s productivity and bottom line. With an on-demand machine repair service app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, you can take control of those factors by getting trusted service options – on-demand.

The UP! App quickly connects people who need machine service – machine owners, managers and technicians – with a national database of service providers who are ready to roll. When every minute counts, UP! helps you find trusted options for machine repair and service.

Want to make service requests even faster? Pre-load your industrial equipment into The Up! App. You can also pre-load your company’s plant locations and connect a piece of equipment to a specific location.

Then, when your equipment needs service, you can select from your equipment list, describe the problem and quickly request bids for completing your service call. When bids come in, you can directly compare service providers by rates, ETAs, quality ratings and more.

Why should consumers be the only ones to benefit from technology that matches people based on needs and capabilities? UP! understands manufacturing, and we’ve built the app designed to address one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face – downtime.

The UP! App – It’s free. It’s fast. It’s the first of its kind.

To find UP! in the App or Google Play store, search “Up! Industrial Machine Service.”