Updating And Harmonizing Technology In 2020

14 Jan
Updating And Harmonizing Technology In 2020

Within the digital age, many companies are feeling pressured to utilize more innovative technologies to improve their productivity. The manufacturing industry is one of the largest in the country, and big changes can create big waves.

This much is true: updates to technology must happen at some point, and technology harmonization is essential to keep everything running smoothly. Integrating some new tech to meet the changing needs of your facility is imperative to remaining competitive in the global marketplace.

What Is Harmonization?

Technology harmonization is not about creating the most impressive collection of cutting-edge technologies. Rather, it’s about creating a system that solves your biggest problems. This requires that you understand all of the technology that you’re considering as well as the systems you already use.

Successful harmonization creates a structure that is both flexible and robust. When you incorporate new features down the road, you shouldn’t have to completely redesign the entire structure.

Steven George, Manager at SME Business Intelligence, is looking to 2020 as the year of harmonization for many industrial manufacturers. “Technology harmonization on the production floor will continue to be a major trend in manufacturing in 2020. The 2019 Manufacturing Technology Harmonization Study, conducted by SME, found that funding and finding qualified vendors are the top obstacles for organizations when adopting new technologies on the production floor. The study also found that production floor machine software is infrequently updated, with only one-in-five respondents indicating their software being updated yearly. As new technologies are becoming available at a faster pace than ever before, technology harmonization on the production floor will continue to be an important topic for manufacturers.”

Tips for Technology Harmonization in 2020:
  1. Never jump on a bandwagon just because you think you should. New tech is great, but don’t update just because everyone else is. Make sure to do your research to fully understand your needs before making the investment.
  2. Harmonizing and updating technology should be about fixing a process – managing repairs, reducing delivery time, etc. – rather than simply installing something new. This new tech should mesh with your current organizational systems.
  3. Understand that you may experience pushback from your company or peers. Is the leadership of your company on board with updating and harmonizing your technology? Does everyone involved understand the benefits behind the updates? Ensuring that everything has been adequately communicated is crucial for success.
  4. Listen to your employees and their concerns about the update. Are they bringing up something you hadn’t considered before? Be prepared to back up your decision but remain open to new ideas.

2020 is shaping up to be a huge year for technology in the industrial manufacturing industry. Machine learning and AI, along with advances with the integration of 5G networks, will give manufacturers the ability to achieve advances in their processes and integrate new technologies. At The UP! App, we are looking forward to contributing to your harmonization efforts through our services and expertise.

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