The Benefits Of Expanding a Service Provider Network

22 Oct
The Benefits Of Expanding a Service Provider Network

The Benefits of Expanding a Service Provider Network for Industrial Machine Service

For manufacturers who work with equipment service providers or those who are looking for one, location typically plays a vital role in the decision-making process. And it makes sense. There’s a level of comfort knowing that your service provider is nearby…maybe a 20-minute drive away, especially if you have emergency issues or need someone to come on-site often.

However, with the state of the industry today, highly specialized, readily available, and competitively priced services continue to become increasingly more important. This leads manufacturers to take a closer look at every process, including sourcing service providers and reducing downtime. 

In working with shops across the country, The UP! App has seen a growing interest in expanding the Service Provider network, to minimize the impact of downtime or find specially trained technicians. This often takes shops beyond the local providers to considering service providers who are willing to travel long distance. Because local service advantages are apparent, we are sharing a list of potential benefits for considering a wider range of service providers that may be outside of the 50-mile radius. 

If your business has not explored broadening your provider network, here are a few reasons why it may make sense:


Competitive pricing 

Often companies assume that travel will increase the overall price of service. It’s worth looking at quotes from non-local providers who have found efficiencies in traveling for work and can still provide a more competitive rate than a local tech. There may be additional value in capacity and ETA, especially when a machine needs fixing immediately. Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes to compare pricing.


Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Remote machine maintenance is becoming even more prevalent with advances in technology. A company can often provide troubleshooting and repair advice before it needs to be on-site.  With the growth of augmented reality, this added value is becoming easier to offer.  


Larger and More Specialized Talent Pool

When you widen your service provider network, you also increase the talent pool and likelihood of finding more specialized technicians. Finding a tech that has extensive experience solving the same machine problem the shop is facing will reduce service time and get the machine back up faster.


Users of The UP! App are having great success sending requests and receiving quotes from both local and non-local service providers.  What seems to be a growing trend is the number of businesses that found new matches to its needs when looking beyond the average 50-mile radius and opening the consideration set up to technicians across the country. 


If you would like to get a broader range of quotes from service providers to ensure you are getting the most competitive and specialized help, try The UP! App for your next service search.