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  • How much does UP! cost?

    UP! is FREE for both service requesters and service providers! There’s no catch, no subscription costs, no transaction fees, etc. It is 100% free.

  • How does The UP! App work?

    UP! matches equipment users in need of service to qualified service providers. The app may be used to request routine maintenance, repair, or rebuild work or to locate parts.

    On the other end of the request, a network of available and qualified service providers will receive a notification, directly to their mobile device, alerting them that service is requested. Service providers may then submit their rates, terms and availability. Service requesters may then select the service provider who best meets their needs.

  • Are ratings part of The UP! App?

    Yes, credibility is important when it comes to equipment service. Each completed service request receives a rating which makes up a service provider’s overall rating that is visible to service requesters.

  • Is my account login information the same for the mobile apps and the browser login?

    Yes, the account username and password is the same across any device or app entry. 

  • Do I have to use the app on my phone?

    You can also use UP! from your desktop computer (Google Chrome recommended).  Click on Login at the top of our website to access the portal or click on the link:


  • How do I submit a service request?

    To request service, select “Submit Service Request” located on The UP! App home screen. Then, select the “+Add New Machine” button at the top of the screen and enter your machine details, followed by the request information.

  • What happens after I submit a service request?

    Your Service Request is instantly sent out to our network of qualified Service Providers. A Service Provider will only receive your request if the request information aligns with the manufacturers and types of equipment they are qualified to service as well as the geographic areas they cover. Service Providers place estimates for you to review. You can then contact the Providers directly through the app (text or video chat) to discuss any specific information relating to the services needed. If you find a Provider you would like to use, accept their estimate within the app. This will allow the other Service Providers to know you have found a solution and, later, once the job has been completed you can go into the app to rate the Service Provider.

  • Are requests being sent to me directly? Am I obligated to respond?

    You are not obligated to respond to request nor will the Requesting party have insight of your decision if you choose not to respond. Your service provider dashboard will display a wide array of machine service requests based on how your servicing profile was set up while registering as an UP! Provider.



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