Retain Institutional Knowledge with UP!

18 Aug
Retain Institutional Knowledge with UP!

Career transitions, whether it be to a new job or to retirement, come with far reaching impacts on a company. One of the largest effects is the loss of knowledge and experience an employee has gained over the course of their careers. While someone new can always come in and complete their day-to-day tasks, those years of experience and historical knowledge are hard to replace.

What is institutional knowledge?

Institutional knowledge, according to writer Frank Spevak, is “a collective set of facts, historical data, concepts, experiences, and knowledge held by a group of people.” The longer someone works a particular job or within the same field, they gain experiences and expertise that eventually make them nearly irreplaceable.

For example, if your vehicle suddenly starts making an unusual noise, you may look into getting it checked out by a mechanic. Would you rather go to someone who just started working as a mechanic a year ago, or someone who has been in the field for the last forty years? Most likely, you would choose the latter. While the former could probably diagnose the problem and fix it, the experience of the mechanic who has been working for four decades gives them a greater advantage in quickly diagnosing and addressing the problem.

Retaining Institutional Knowledge

When an employee leaves, how do you make sure you keep as much of their knowledge and experiences within your company? The answer is technology. The ability to store decades of knowledge and experiences within a simple program is invaluable to any business.

This is especially important for small to mid-size shops that have older machines. Getting repairs done in a timely manner can be a challenge when the pool of people who know the machine type grows smaller. Storing this institutional knowledge will help ensure that you can continue to get the machine repaired for as long as necessary.

UP! Keeps Machine Data in One Place

Mobile Service History

You may know UP! as the industrial machine service network where people needing machine service can get competitive estimates and the best expertise for their machine repair. However, UP! can do much more for your business than simply help you find experts to repair your industrial machines.

When you use UP!, you’re creating a log of data for each machine that needs repair. Once the machine is fixed, the data you and the service provider input doesn’t go away. That way, the next time there is a service need on that specific machine, you can find a service provider who is available right away. You don’t need to wait for the same person; the service history of the machine is available for reference right in your UP! account.

UP! isn’t just an app; it’s a service network that’s available on every computer through any web browser and smart phones, either Android or iOS. If you don’t want to download the app, you can still get competitive estimates and communicate with service providers simply by logging in using any web browser. Store machine data, keep track of repairs, and find experts with the institutional knowledge you need.

Learn more about UP!, check out our service network information page, and read our blogs. If you’re in need of more support, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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