New Feature: Video Chat Announcement

19 Aug
New Feature: Video Chat Announcement
Virtually Supporting Field Service One Chat At A Time

The UP! Service Network continually strives to be at the forefront of industrial field service, and we are pleased to announce our newest feature, UP! Video Chat. This innovative solution for machine repair is another way UP! continues to evolve its solution-based service network.

With the UP! Service Network, machinists can take control and quickly reach out to find industrial machine service. The network is accessible through any web browser or by downloading the convenient app from the App Store or Google Play and enabes rapid connection to a service provider. The requester outlines the current problem and machine details giving the tech information to determine the problem. UP! Video Chat expands the communication between the service requester and the service provider, resulting in both time and cost savings.

David Rhodes, Director of UP! Sales & Customer Success says that the time is right to employ this new feature. “It is a win-win for both sides of the equation,” says Rhodes. “Guidance on how to make the repair can take place via video with the service provider often being able to provide remote diagnostics, resulting in savings of both time and money. UP! Is becoming the tele-health of industrial field service.”

UP! Video Chat helps refine the estimating process through the enhancement of a virtual visit. Imagine being able to take your phone or tablet and actually show a service provider the problem in real-time as you review repair options. With its ability to seamlessly switch from a horizontal to a vertical view, a requestor can get into the machine and move around to get the view the service provider needs to begin to diagnose the issue. Through UP! Video Chat, the diagnosis and repair can often begin virtually, and the service provider can develop a more accurate estimate in terms of both cost and time to repair.

With a shortage of skilled workers, uniquely qualified to service specific machinery, there is often a lag time for repairs resulting in lengthy downtimes, production backups and lost revenue. The new UP! Video Chat function resolves many of these issues by assisting manufacturers in finding industrial machine service for their particular machinery.

“UP! Video Chat has been in development for a while. In the current business climate we understand the timeliness of this feature”, says Rhodes. “The ability for field service technicians and manufacturers to view and discuss a needed repair through video chat solves many of the current issues with onsite repairs.”

UP! Video Chat is available on any web browser or through downloading the app. It is compatible across platforms including Android, Apple and on desktops and laptops via the website. UP! is a 2020 American Business Award winner in the Business/Government category recognizing excellence in Mobile Websites and Apps and continues to be a leader in field service solutions.

You never know when your machine might go down next, be ready to find service quickly when you need it by joining the UP! Service Network today. And if your industrial machine needs service or maintenance don’t wait, you can request service today.