Most Effective Ways To Reduce Manufacturing Machine Downtime

16 Jul
Most Effective Ways To Reduce Manufacturing Machine Downtime

For most manufacturers, machine downtime is the single largest source of lost production time. It gets a lot of attention since equipment failures and breakdowns are highly visible. Nothing is more frustrating and costly than watching manufacturing equipment standing idle.

We have gathered the most effective ways to reduce manufacturing machine downtime to help organizations minimize the risk of lost production.

1. Preventative Maintenance

Keeping all machines up to date on their checks by their service providers can help recognize and prevent issues with machinery. Companies should not wait until a machine breaks down to get it checked. Importantly, manufacturers should not assume that because a machine is newer and running perfectly fine that it does not need service. If all machines are serviced at the correct time, this keeps machines in working alignment, and downtime can be reduced significantly.


2. Employee Training

Training employees to understand every machine and how to look for signs of a malfunction is crucial in reducing downtime. This allows for all employees to be proactive in recognizing an issue and trying to catch it before it becomes a major malfunction. Also, educating employees on downtime and how it harms the company allows them to not only feel as if they are part of the team but will encourage them to work together to reduce downtime.


3.Careful Downtime Tracking and Analysis

If a company keeps a close eye on downtime and tracks all occurrences, they will then be able to analyze data for prevention. This allows them to see the ins and outs of where, when, and why machines are malfunctioning and causing downtime to occur. The data will show a downtime trend and, as a result, alert notifications or signals can be proactively put in place to avoid major issues from occurring.


4. Preparedness in The UP! App

Reacting quickly in the event of a machine malfunction is what is ultimately going to save a company the most time and money. Being prepared by utilizing The UP! App allows a company to quickly connect to available service providers, get an immediate quote, and get the issue fixed fast. When your machines are already populated in the app, and that red light goes on, you can efficiently submit a request and find help.


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