How Can You Market Your Service Business To Manufacturers?

1 Jun
How Can You Market Your Service Business To Manufacturers?

When the red light comes on, the clock starts ticking. Manufacturers don’t have time to track down repair service when equipment breaks. For you to be the go-to service provider for customers, you need to be in front of the customer when they need service.Here are some recommendations to better market your service business to manufacturers:

1. Make the Most of Your Website

If I’m a manufacturer and I get a recommendation for a service provider, the first thing I do is look them up online. If there isn’t a website (or it looks like the website was built in the 1990s) – it’s a red flag. A website establishes your company’s credibility. Make sure yours can be found, that it has current information on it and that it looks great on a mobile device.

2. Use Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to show manufacturers what it actually means to become your customer. It communicates a problem that a previous customer of yours had and how you successfully solved it. When you include specifics, such as facts and figures, it gives your customer the opportunity to see themselves in the mirror and adds a layer of verifiable credibility to otherwise internal claims.

3. Get on Social Media

Put yourself on a social platform, such as LinkedIn. Social media can increase your digital presence and make it easier for service providers to learn more about you. In addition, if your followers like what you offer, they can help expand your business by sharing your pages with friends and family.

4. Register in the UP! App

Reach new customers and gain a broader reach. The UP! App is a new way option for connecting with new customers and serving existing customers. The app is free to sign-up as a service provider. There are no fees to submit bids or proposals and no commissions on the work you do. Ensure your brand is in front of customers when they need service.

The UP! App connects manufacturers who need equipment service with service providers like yourself. It’s fast, it’s free and it’s first of its kind. As a service provider, if you are signed up with the Up! app, you can immediately receive the request and supply them with your rates, terms and availability. Service requesters may then select the service provider who best meets their needs. This app is a great way to expand your customer database and build new relationships across the manufacturing industry.

Download the app for iOS or Android today or register in the online desktop version of the app.