Manufacturing Experts Look Ahead: Automation Is The Future

21 May
Manufacturing Experts Look Ahead: Automation Is The Future

At The UP! App we’re always looking at what manufacturing industry experts are projecting for the future of the industry. The World Economic Forum, as well as consulting and research firm Frost & Sullivan, analyzed the key factors within Industry 4.0 that keep manufacturers moving forward. The common thread? Automation will be a driving factor.

To Frost & Sullivan, automated systems complement the progress of the highly skilled workers:

“Highly automated and information-intensive, the factory of tomorrow will look like an integrated hardware and software system. This system will be fueled by vast quantities of information from every corner of the enterprise and beyond, moderated by analytical systems that can identify and extract insights and opportunities from that information, and comprised of intelligent machines that learn, act, and work alongside highly skilled human beings in safe and collaborative environments.”

Frost & Sullivan Factory of the Future Vision 2030 White Paper

The World Economic Forum focuses on three crucial areas that can be assessed to analyze a company’s growth projections: Connectivity, Intelligence, and Flexible Automation.

One of the key examples given by the World Economic Forum was Procter & Gamble’s plant in Czech Republic, which, after engaging 100% of the organization in digital innovation, increased productivity by 160% in just three years. They expect results to be significant for any frontrunners in digitization:

“McKinsey [a partner in the study] suggests that AI front-runners can expect a 122% cash-flow increase due to efficiency gains, compared to just 10% for followers.”


What does this mean for the industrial machines in your plants?

All of the above analyses lead towards faster and more streamlined processes, which increases overall productivity. The UP! App echoes the importance of time-saving innovations like these – saving time to maximize productivity is the foundation upon which the UP! platform was built.

The UP! App helps connect industrial machine plant managers with service technicians fast, to reduce downtime. When your machines are properly maintained and serviced quickly should an issue arise, you’re able to maximize productivity and respond quickly to customer demands. Having The UP! App in your back pocket is a key way to ensure your operations are running smoothly.