How The UP! APP Helps: Industrial Machine Service Requesters

15 Apr
How The UP! APP Helps: Industrial Machine Service Requesters

When an industrial machine goes down, opening The UP! App on your desktop or mobile phone should be your go-to solution to get the problem solved, fast. Instead of spending time searching, calling, and emailing service providers, The UP! App puts you in control by quickly connecting service requesters like you to service providers to get industrial machines back up and running faster.

The UP! App is not a downtime monitoring system; it’s a rapid-response, easy-to-use platform connecting you to a network of experienced service providers. As a service requester, The UP! App enables you to submit a request to hundreds of qualified service providers, and schedule service with unparalleled speed. Below we’ve detailed how to use the app and the real benefits it can provide to your business, so you can get started today.


How to use The UP! App

The UP! App can be used on your desktop or mobile device, and is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. As a service requester, you may submit a request directly in the app or on your computer. Enter your equipment information, a description of the situation and the current operational status of the machine.

Before you know it, you’ll receive offers from qualified service providers with rates, ETAs, and quality ratings. Then you choose the one you want based on your needs and schedule your service – you also have the ability to speak with them via the platform,phone, or email if there are any specific details that need clarification prior to service. The UP! App makes the interaction seamless, so you’re able to get your machine serviced by a rated and reviewed service provider.


Is There a Catch?

There’s no catch – it’s completely free for both service providers and requesters, with no subscription costs or transaction fees for submitting bids or proposals, and no commissions on the work that you need. There’s no obligation, and you can connect with your new business relationships outside the platform; The UP! App is merely an open marketplace to make matches and scheduling simple.


Don’t Forget

When your service is complete, please come back to The UP! App and rate your provider to help build a network of trusted service providers.


How You Benefit:

Quotes for Service Fast

You have the ability to pre-load your industrial equipment into The UP! App to make requesting service even faster. Then, when your equipment needs service, you can select from your equipment list, describe the problem and quickly request quotes for completing your service call. Once your request for service is posted, you’ll receive offers from OEMs, distributors, and independent providers, all competing for your business.


Compare Offers

You’re in control when your machine goes down; The UP! App allows you to decide which provider works best for your needs, time frame, and budget. Having all quotes laid out in front of you makes the decision clear and simple. Once you accept the best offer, the service can get started.


Find Specialty Providers

If you have unique or hard-to-service machines, The UP! App is the best way to attract the most qualified people who can help with your service needs. Instead of searching endlessly, only qualified service providers will respond to your request, helping to get your machine up and running quickly