Examining What The Future Holds For Field Service

17 Mar
Examining What The Future Holds For Field Service

What’s coming up within the field service industry? Hear from David Rhodes, The UP! App’s Director of Sales and Customer Success.

What trends do you see emerging in the field service industry? Do you think these trends will last ?

Due to the shortage of skilled technicians, industrial machine builders and distributors are employing different strategies to satisfy the ever-increasing customer demand for service and repair. They are faced with two options: hire inexperienced technicians or meet demand by using a hybrid labor model.

The first option is to hire brand new technicians and train them to the standards of the industrial machine builders and distributors. This can take 2-4 years before they become productive, which is a large up-front investment that won’t begin to payout until a few years from now. While this is an important investment to make, business owners and floor managers can’t wait to get their machines back up and running in a timely manner.  

The second option is to meet the demand using a hybrid labor model where the industrial machine builders supplement with independent service technicians as contract laborers. This method is more cost effective than the former.

How is The UP! App contributing to productivity within field service and manufacturing?

The UP! App is a communication platform that can assist the OEM or Distributor to find additional labor assistance by tapping into our network of independent service providers. It is considered a hybrid labor model and is very cost effective for our users.

What do customers want when it comes to improving their business (i.e., do they want to become more productive, do they want faster service, etc.)?

They want to be able to meet their customer service demand faster in order to improve customer satisfaction while keeping their costs down and improving their margin.

Has the manufacturing industry seen a decline in specialists who are capable of fixing down machines?

Yes, there is shortage of skilled labor with retirements of service technicians outpacing the inflow of younger workers wanting to enter this field. According to SHRM, 83% of hiring managers in a skilled trade have reported having difficulty finding properly trained workers. The most commonly missing technical skills has been reported to be trade skills such as carpentry, machining, and welding.

Not only does UP! help industrial manufacturers address their field service shortage, we help Service Providers get in contact with people who need their machines back up and running as soon as possible.

Do you think this trend will continue or change?

I think it will continue and more companies will begin to employ hybrid labor models. As the industry begins to use these models, business owners should continue to put resources into training the next generation of service techs.

If you are in need of a service technician to get your machines back up and running, consider downloading The UP! App.