How The UP! APP Drives Business Results

25 Sep
How The UP! APP Drives Business Results

The UP! App team recently demonstrated our new machine repair app at IMTS 2018 in Chicago. At our booth, we had the opportunity to connect with both service requesters and providers. While there were many great stories coming out of the show, we wanted to share the experience of Robert Fogle.

Our team met Rob, owner of Southern CNC Services in Chattanooga, TN, on Day 2 of the show. He had recently downloaded The Up! App and he actually received his first bid request while at our booth!

Southern CNC Services downloaded The UP! App and had instant success.

We paused our conversation so Rob could submit his bid. Thirty seconds later, a defense contractor near Chattanooga called to discuss the project in more detail. They then agreed to work together.

Rob said he downloaded the app because he likes to stay on the forefront of the tech scene.

“I thought it was a brilliant idea for the future of machine tool service. A modern-day solution to connect providers with customers,” he says.

The UP! App supports Rob’s business needs through its convenience and efficiency.

“In a world where our phone is one of the most important tools of business, being able to connect with new customers from a device I have on me at all times allows faster access to new customers,” he says.

Rob received another service request the next day, surpassing his expectations to be connected with service-seeking customers in his area so quickly.

The UP! App 2.0
While we can’t be with all our customers when they receive their first service request, our technology does help companies connect with customers. It’s fast. It’s free. And it brings on-demand service technology to manufacturing.

Do you have a story about your experience with The UP! App that you’d like to share? Reach out to us and let us know how it’s helping your business!

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