The UP! APP’s Latest Update Helps Speed Up Communication

13 Aug
The UP! APP’s Latest Update Helps Speed Up Communication

The UP! App is pleased to announce the addition of in-app direct messaging, further simplifying the lines of communication between industrial machine service providers and service requesters. With this new feature, users can message about a quote or job directly in the digital platform. Attachments are included in the messages, and all communication history is kept in a thread, so service providers and requesters have a full record of their conversations and can refer back with ease.

In-app messaging is part of The UP! App 3.1, the even more personalized and intelligent version of the mobile and desktop platform. The UP! App is committed to listening to users’ invaluable feedback to make the platform as efficient and effective as possible. In addition to in-app messaging, The UP! App 3.1 allows users to view the most important updates in one place on the Welcome Screen, and add more detailed problem descriptions to their service requests. Users may also create favorite lists so that service requests can be sent to all matching providers in the UP! network, or only their preferred vendors.

In-app messaging speeds up the process for finding the right service provider and has helped users stay organized and keep track of their communications easily. With dual role capability, users can seamlessly switch between provider and requester roles, all messages are still stored in one place, so details and agreements are retained in an organized manner.

To view UP! 3.1, please download the platform from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your desktop or mobile device.